Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Often times, when a patient has a chronic illness, their physical body is not the only thing that is affected. Often, we find that chronic illnesses have an effect on both the mind & the body.

Additionally, certain medications that are taken for long periods at a time can have negative effects and can even make certain symptoms worse.




Ketamine is an NMDA  antagonist it has shown to have many benefits when used responsibly. It helps mood and depression. Many protocols have now been studied and shown significant results in the medical depression scales.

Immunity Boost

A high dose vitamin C,  glutathione, B12, and Zinc boosts your immune system and providing a kick start energy boost.

Plasma Cell IV

A proven anti-inflammatory treatment that circulates in your blood and is attracted to the areas in your body that need healing and regeneration.

The day After

A Rehydrating cocktail expediting your recovery after a heavy day of exercise and exertion or a long night on the town. The mix of anti nausea medication, antiinflamatory medications and hydration fluids full of electrolytes will bring you back to health after a grueling day or night.

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