Premiere Spa Facial

The Deluxe Facial is the ultimate relaxing classic facial. It is an anti-aging facial treatment designed to increase hydration, improve elasticity and help smooth out age and stress related lines. It includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, nutrient rich infusion, eye treatment, European facial massage and specialty mask. Enjoy feeling absolutely pampered with this comprehensive classic facial treatment.


  • Deep cleansing
  • Nutrient rich infusion
  • Deep hydration
  • Relaxation for face, neck and shoulders
  • Uses a special anti-aging, lifting or nourishing mask depending on your skin needs

Exfolia Acne Facial

Our exclusive facial serum allows for a mechanical exfoliation with chemical anti-inflammatory properties.

Combined with acne skin lesion extractions this is a state-of-the-art treatment for acne at all stages. This is a Proprietary treatment only available at Anhelos Medical.

Pumpkin Facial

Revitalize your skin with this enzymatic, antioxidant pumpkin peel treatment.

The pumpkin enzymes work as a natural peel increasing cell turnover and nourishing the skin leading to a reduction of fine lines and brightening of the skin and wrinkles

Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C is a lightweight antioxidant that helps with skin dryness, irritation, and conditions like seborrhea, age spots, sun spots, and fine wrinkles. It will brighten your skin immediately with a toner
effect. It is great for maintenance and before a big event where you want your face to be radiant with no down time.

Vitamin C is worked into the skin with a massage followed by a light brush exfoliation and a soothing mask. Every ampule of vitamin C serum used is sealed airtight, and has a one time use receptacle so you have maximum antioxidant effects without oxidation. This is key as many vitamin C serums lose their effects after 3 days.

Photo Facial (IPL)

IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light therapy or the photo facial, uses cutting edge technology to produce younger-looking skin that’s firmer and more even in tone and texture.

With little recovery time and no surgery, IPL offers a safe, FDA-cleared option for sun damage, anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

Back Facial

Targeting those tough-to-reach spots that are also vulnerable to acne.

The back facial targets the clogged pores, and dead skin cells we can’t manage ourselves. Winter is a great time to treat the back as sun exposure is detrimental to skin healing and can lead to scarring.

PRP Facial

PRP therapy works by providing the inflammatory factors the body uses when healing and regenerating damaged tissue. This damage is seen as wrinkles, Skin laxity, dark spots, age spots, dull skin, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture and acne scarring.

Every day our skin is damaged by the sun, cold, dryness, poor diet and other external factors. The growth factors and nutrients boost the collagen and elastin production leading to a firmer, more youthful

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